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Feeling a little rusty on the lingo? Check out this page for
key aDTF terms!


 A group of Kyin that oversee the Blivian region, the Au'ren was first started by Alace and Viven. The Au'ren's camp is in the Praestruo Valley.


This gorgeous blade can only be wielded by the true Great Tamer. Feeling bold, wanna try slaying some bandits with this sword? You'll lose your life- Dracocor was enchanted to eliminate anyone unworthy! This blade has a black opal in the pommel; it's Rydonn's official stone, but a Great Tamer can be born of any race. 

Dragon Tamer's Council

A board of elected officials who oversee matters concerning dragons and their Tamers. Based out of Imperior. Typically supervised by the current monarch, and if a Great Tamer is present, them as well. 


Kyin was the Great Tamer of the previous era. Out of respect, the Tamers of the Dragon Tamer's Alliance refer to themselves as 'Kyin'.

Magni Tectus

The formal name of the palace/citadel in Imperior, where the King and Queen reside. Dragon Tamer's Council members occasionally take up residence at the palace as well. 


The name given to the force that opposes the Kyin. Comprised of Blakai- evil Tamers, bandits/marauders, and other ne'er-do-wells. 

Vox Draco

The 'voice of the dragon'; telepathy used between dragons, and a dragon and their own Tamer. Note that only a Great Tamer can use Vox Draco with any dragon they encounter. 

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