Map of Rydonn


If you know anything about reading maps, you're probably frowning right now. Yes, the compass is positioned wrong (north should always be at the top of the map!). However, this is how Rydonn has always appeared in my mind. If you're wondering why southern Rydonn looks so bleak- it's because I haven't developed it yet. In general, however, fewer people live on the southern coast due to poor shipping routes. 


There's two 'factions' within the DTF universe, the Kyin (the good guys!) and the Ni'in (the bad guys). The symbols below are what you would find embossed into their armour:


The Kyin fight for King and country! Their symbol's base is comprised of a mountain. Rydonn has multiple mountain ranges, and dragons made their original homes there. The circle represents the sun, and the lines can represent either sun rays or the wind. 

The Ni'in are a motley crew of bandits, cutthroats, and Blakai; essentially no-good dragon Tamers. This skeleton dragon symbol pretty much explains itself!