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Want to help aDTF in a big way? Click the link above and donate at Ko-fi, however much you'd like!

Here's where your money will go:

  • Website upkeep

  • New podcast background music

  • Social media upkeep

  • New software/equipment

  • and more!

Rate and Review!

Want to help aDTF in a different way? Leaving ratings and reviews wherever you're able is a huge help! 

Ideas of where you

can leave ratings & reviews:

  • Spotify

  • Apple Podcasts

  • Google Podcasts

  • Facebook


Want to help another way? Sharing is caring! Sharing a link to A Dragon Tamer's Fable with family, friends, and fellow dragon lovers is a wonderful way to help support aDTF!


Ways you can share:

  • send them aDTF social media link

  • share your favourite platform to listen to aDTF 

  • send them the link to this website!

However you choose to support aDTF,
thank you so much!

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