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About the Podcast

Hey, my name's Gabe, and I'm a write-oholic. I've been writing daily since I was thirteen years old- it's my greatest passion. I wrote the original version of A Dragon Tamer's Fable when I was fifteen, and as you would expect, it was craptastic. However, the bones were good! I overhauled aDTF in my early twenties to make it into the book it is today. Currently, it's only available in podcast form.

I was disheartened in my youth to find that every dragon-related book was about slaying dragons, or treasure hoarding dragons, or the last dragon left alive. I wanted a book where people could live symbiotically with dragons, and since I couldn't find the book, I wrote it!

A Dragon's Tamer Fable isn't for the faint of heart. It's going to make you laugh, and it's going to make you cry. There's foul language, adult situations, and violence and gore (thank the Greats!) If you've been longing for an episodic tale of a dragon and his Human, listen in each Sunday for the latest chapter of A Dragon Tamer's Fable!


About the Creator

Now as for me personally, I identify as a pansexual trash weasel (she/her, please!). I'm twenty-six, somehow married, and a mom to an Ausshole named Rohan, a sassy cat name Terry, and two demonic chickens named Henrietta and Fratella (if you get the music reference, we can be friends).

I've lived coast to coast in Canada; currently residing in PEI, hailing from Ontario. I'm a proud aquaculture technician, volunteer firefighter, and Lions International member. 

Fueled by red wine and copious amounts of tea, my hidden talents include being painfully aloof, and accidentally smearing peanut butter on random objects. 

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