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Please note: if a character is listed here, that doesn't mean that they're a vital character; if a character isn't listed here, it doesn't mean they aren't vital.

I want to keep you on your toes!

Primary Characters

Sebastian Allor

The protagonist of this story, Seb has chestnut brown hair and honey-brown eyes. He's a tall, well-built lad who's hard-working and fairly aloof. See fig. 1 below!

Maria Allor

Sebastian's mother, Maria resides in DeepCreek. She's quiet and fairly mild, with cascading brown hair, and the bearer of Seb's trademark honey-brown eyes.

Fauna Byne

With her shining auburn hair and smokey grey eyes, Fauna is an enchanting young lady. Seb's  seemingly life-long girlfriend, she's happiest when she's gardening or spending time with her loved ones. 

Nox Viven

Referred to as a 'deadly teddy-bear' by Au'ren co-captain Alace, Viven is Seb's mentor in the world of dragon Taming. A former mercenary and Dragon Tamer Council member, his bite is far often worse than his bark. 

Alace Wrightsmith

Bright, cheerful, and carefree, you wouldn't pick Alace out of a crowd as a dragon Tamer. She is a co-captain of the Au'ren, and a former Dragon Tamer Council member. Raised by Kyin warriors from the age of seven, she could gut you like a fish before the word 'Blakai' left your lips. She'd probably rather grab a pint with you, though! 

Fig. 1 Sebastian Allor, the main character of aDTF. Commission by @drekasal on instagram!

Au'ren Members


A bit surly, Kirik tends to mean well. Becoming a Tamer later in life, Kirik has a wife and three children in the town of Tumultio. He's scarcely spotted without his pipe, and his weapon of choice is a war hammer. 


Hailing from the south-western city of ShalloWater, Oreni has been Taming since she was about ten years old. Best friends with Sommer, both women use polearms as their weapons of preference. 


Hailing from the city of CrescentCanyon, Sommer has been Taming since she was young. Her nieces Sadie and Shiloh stayed with the Au'ren for several months when Seb first joined the team. 


Quiet, massive, and deadly, Garde hails from the Eurus Forest. Easily spotted by his dark skin and height, he became a Tamer later than most. His weapon of choice is a war axe. 


The oldest twin of the indomitable duo, Xan has dark, shaggy hair and possibly more maturity than his younger brother. 


Xan's younger twin, Grif is the primary prankster of the Au'ren. He and his brother use swords and bucklers as their weapons of choice. 

Other Characters to Note

 Arthur Millfield

 Viven's lifelong friend, they raised their dragons together and became mercenaries in their teens. Arthur resides at Magni Tectus as a current member of the Dragon Tamer Council. He's tall and slender, with long silver hair and a penchant for barmaids. 


DeepCreek's blacksmith, Matthias has been friends with Maria Allor since they were children. He accompanied Seb's father Spiri on his quest to find a rare, precious dragon egg. Seb's mentor in blacksmithing, he's big, burly, and an irrefutable sweetheart.

Prince Leo Michalys

Rydonn's Crown Prince and sole heir to the throne.


'Junior' Captain of the Guard, Rian has been a palace guard since he was sixteen years old. He's also captain of the Tamer Ball team, and a fast friend of Seb's. 

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