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Princess Felicita

Known throughout the realm for her grace and beauty. Her father is the king of Romafsi. The Princess isn't a Tamer, she is however a diplomat. Her eyes are violet-coloured and her hair is a cascade of black curls. 


One of Lord Ëau'ryl's personal guards. He's a dragon Tamer, and he carries a sabre for his weapon. He has long, dark hair.


One of Lord Ëau'ryl's personal guards. Like Grymyn he is also a dragon Tamer and utilises a sabre as his primary weapon. He has long, platinum blond hair and sky blue eyes. He and Felicita were an item for a couple centuries.

Lord Ëau'ryl

King of the Romafsian Elves, and Princess Felicita's father. He's a dragon Tamer, and he's known for his attentive, polite nature. He has long, dark hair and deep blue eyes.

Lord Maqu'il

The elder brother of Lord Ëau'ryl. He is the King of Auster, and a trained manü. He is also Grymyn's father. 


Tutor to royalty, and other affluent families.

He taught Felicita when she was younger. 


A young Elvish manü taught by Ky'éll and Grymyn. He is a dragon Tamer and guard assigned to Sebastian during his stay in Romafsi. 

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